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Newbottle primary school




Welcome to Reception.

Our class teachers this year are Miss Storey and Miss Ball and we are supported by Mrs Baker-Padden and Mrs Warren. Mrs Oliver also supports during mornings and Mrs Fairclough covers on a Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Blake will cover PPA on Monday afternoons. We are looking forward to this academic year.


Our Key Worker Groups: 

Outstanding Owls - Miss Storey

Happy Hedgehogs - Mrs Warren

Playful Pandas - Miss Ball

Zooming Zebras - Mrs Baker-Padden


Key Information 

  1. PE will be on a Friday. The children will need a suitable kit for an indoor session. School will provide a free PE kit for every child. This can be collected from the school office from this week. Your child will need to bring this PE kit to school every Friday and will be unable to participate in the lesson if they don't have their kit. PE will be indoors in bare feet, therefore children don not need trainers. Please label ALL items of clothing including the PE kit. PE lessons will commence on Friday 29th September.
  2. ICT will be on a Thursday starting in the Spring Term.
  3. We have a 'Toy Fund' in reception cloak room which is for voluntary contributions.  The fund is used to buy resources for the children to use and to enhance the learning environment.  Any donations are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.  
  4. Please bring to school named wellingtons and a coat suitable for the weather. Please keep in mind that the weather can change within a day.
  5. Your child needs to bring a named water bottle every day. No juice or flavoured water is allowed due to our oral health policy.
  6. Home reading books and homework will be given out soon. You will receive a letter giving information about this.
  7. Can we remind parents/carers to stand in the specified areas at pick up time. This has really helped the staff and the children and has allowed a much smoother home time routine.


Organisation of the School Day in Reception

The reception area consists of an open-plan learning environment divided into workshop areas including sand, water, construction, writing, reading, maths, role play, ICT, art, snack table and malleable media area.

Your child will have the opportunity to work in these areas every day. Your child will be able to use a wide range of resources to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in all areas of the curriculum. Both sides of the classroom have an interactive whiteboard and we have i-pads for the children to use. These areas are called 'continuous provision' and allow the children to develop skills from day to day and week to week.

Throughout the reception year there will be whole class teaching times, small group times, pair work and individual work. There will be a balance of adult initiated activities and child initiated activities. We aim to foster a sense of independence and will provide developmentally appropriate activities for children to make choices and decisions about their learning.

The children have access to the outdoor learning environment throughout the school day.  The children will have weekly P.E lessons in the hall, or outside in the summer, weekly ICT lessons in the computer suite and weekly visits to the school library (which will commence later on in the Summer Term). The children will have a story and singing/music session every day. Reception children attend whole school assemblies once a week after Christmas and/or a weekly hymn practice.


Key Worker Groups

Although children are in either Miss Storey's or Miss Ball's class, each child has a key worker who is a named member of staff who will act as a point of contact for you if you have any worries, queries or concerns about your child. This key worker will be helping your child to settle into school, to support his/her development and to help your child to cope with any changes of routine throughout the school year. This key worker system helps staff to build close relationships with individual children and their families and to promote a sense of well-being and belonging. Your child will still work with all members of staff in the setting at various times during the day, but will start and finish each day in his/her key worker group.


Ongoing Assessment

Your child's progress and achievements in all areas of the curriculum will be constantly observed and assessed. Staff will focus on strengths, difficulties and weaknesses that children may encounter, to enable them to make progress toward the next stage of learning. We will regularly share these assessments with you so that you can support your child at home. We record our observations and assessments in a 'Learning Journal' which will be shared with you during open afternoons and is available in the classroom for you to look at whenever you wish to.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

A full explanation of the curriculum is given in the ' Policy' section of this website. At Newbottle we recognise that learning through play is a natural process for young children. We aim to foster their natural curiosity and powers of observation. We believe that learning should be a rewarding, enjoyable and lifelong experience. We recognise that children learn best when their interests are followed and the play is planned and purposeful. We also recognise that children learning in different ways and at different rates and that each child is unique. 


Autumn Term

Our topics this term have included learning all about school life in Reception. We have discussed our feelings and talked about the new friends we have all made. The children have loved our Roar dinosaur topic. They have learnt so many new facts and have had great fun with drama, crafts, dance and fun quizzes. 

Coming up in the rest of the term we are focusing on Diwali, Halloween, Day and Night, Light and Dark, Nocturnal Animals and some fun Christmas festivities.



Autumn activities

We have had a wonderful few weeks discovering autumn celebrations. We have learnt all about the festival of lights which is called, Diwali. We looked at Rangoli patterns which were made of beautiful colours. We made our own patterns using coloured shapes, coloured rice and also coloured pens and chalks. Leading up to the Halloween party, we made some magic potions in the mud kitchen. Somebody was even turned into a frog! Please look at our lovely photos and see what fun we've been having.

100 Cup Challenge

Our '100 Cup Challenge' proved to be a fun challenge. The aim was to build a tower in as many different ways as we could think of. Some children even built a tower around their friends.

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Roar Dinosaur!

The children have had an amazing time with our dinosaur topic. We all made dinosaur eggs using balloons and papier mache. Some children went outside to gather leaves, twigs and grass to make nests for the eggs. The children did an amazing job looking after the eggs as they hatched.