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Newbottle Primary Academy

Proud to be part of the Aim High Academy Trust
Newbottle primary school

Academy News Spike

Week Commencing 30/9/2019

not late Reception, 1LM,1DC,2AP,3KW,4JD,4GB,6JM,6KS


Week Commencing 7th October 2019

Spike 2AP 99.3%, not late Reception, 1DC, 3KW,4JD,5HB,6KS


Week Commencing 14th October 2019

Spike RAP and 4GB 100%, not late Reception, 1LM,1DC,2AP,3KW,4JD,5MP,6JM, 6KS


Week commencing 21st October 2019

Spike 2AP 98.3%, not lates 1LM, 2AP, 2JA, 5MP, 5HB, 6KS


Week commencing 4th November 2019

Spike 5HB 99.3%, Not lates RAP,RKS,1LM,1DC,2AP,3KW,3LLS,5MP,6JM


Week commencing 11th November 2019

Spike 2AP 100%, not lates RAP, RKS, 4JD, 5MP


Week commencing 18th November 2019

Spike 1DC, Not lates RAP,RKS,2AP,2JA,3KW,4JD,4GB,6JM,6KS 


Week commencung 25th November 2019

Spike 3KW 97.9%, Not Lates 1LM,1DC,2AP,2JA,3KW,5HB,6JM


Week commencing 2nd December 2019

Spike 5MP 100%, not lates RAP, 1LM, 1DC, 2AP, 3KW, 5MP, 6JM


Week commencing 9th December 2019

Spike 2AP 98%, Not lates RAP,1LM,1DC,2JA,3KW,3LLS,6JM


Week commencing 13th January 2020

Spike 5MP 100%, Not Lates RAP,RKS,1LM,1DC,2AP,2JA,3KW,4GB,5MP,5HB


Week Commencing 20th January 2020

Spike RKS and 5MP, Not lates 3KW


Week Commencing 27th January 2020

Spike RAP 99.3%, not lates 1LM and 4GB